Tourism entrepreneurs in Northumberland

Bosworth, G. and Farrell, H.C. 2011. Tourism entrepreneurs in Northumberland. Annals of Tourism Research. 38 (4), pp. 1474-1494.

TitleTourism entrepreneurs in Northumberland
AuthorsBosworth, G. and Farrell, H.C.

Tourism is viewed as an increasingly important component of rural economic potential, especially in peripheral regions of the UK. As a sector, however, it is dominated by low skilled employment, seasonal demand cycles and perceived low levels of innovation and entrepreneurship.

In this paper we explore the role of in-migrant owners of small tourism firms (STFs) in promoting entrepreneurship and developing competition in the tourism economy of Northumberland. We hypothesise that through a combination of extra-local networks and local embeddedness these business owners are not only succeeding for themselves but they are stimulating other local businesses by increasing local trade, heightening competition and raising standards and aspirations among all STFs.

JournalAnnals of Tourism Research
Journal citation38 (4), pp. 1474-1494
YearOct 2011
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PublishedOct 2011

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