Women doctors and their careers: what now?

Allen, I. 2005. Women doctors and their careers: what now? British Medical Journal. 331, pp. 569-572.

TitleWomen doctors and their careers: what now?
AuthorsAllen, I.

Outmoded career structures and attitudes mean that the UK risks losing out on the valuable contribution women doctors can make, especially in the second half of their careers. Many people in the medical profession still view women doctors with scepticism despite their increasing numbers. It is nearly 20 years since I was commissioned by the Department of Health to help them assess the implications of the fact that women would soon account for half of medical graduates. 1 That research and its follow-up 2 found that both men and women experienced similar problems and constraints in their careers, suffering from what they regarded as a rigid and conservative career structure. They overwhelmingly supported the provision of more flexible working patterns so that all doctors could lead a normal life. How far have women doctors progressed and what do they feel about the profession?

JournalBritish Medical Journal
Journal citation331, pp. 569-572
Year10 Sep 2005
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)doi:10.1136/bmj.331.7516.569
Publication dates
Published10 Sep 2005

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