Colletti, M. and Cruz, M. 2004. Nurbsters. marcosandmarjan architects.

CreatorsColletti, M. and Cruz, M.

The Nurbsters series is the term given to ongoing design research investigations by Colletti and Cruz, both of whom contribute 50% each to the project, as part of their work as marcosandmarjan architects. Nurbsters comprise an innovative series of models and full-size prototypes which have been designed and built over the last 4 years, most of them being conceived for exhibitions and installations. The most important Nurbsters exhibition as yet was at the 2004 Venice Biennale. Chronologically, however, they consist of Nurbster I – a prototype wall (London 2003, Prague 2004); Nurbster II – a desk (Venice, Lisbon, Aveiro, São Paulo 2004-05); Nurbster III – exhibition islets (Prague, Bratislava, Kosice 2004-05); Nurbster IV – a seat (Taiwan, 2005); Nurbster V – another seat (2005); Nurbster VI – a generic structure (2005); Nurbster VII – a house design (Lisbon, Badajoz, Mérida, Cáceres 2005); Nurbster VIII – a winter garden (Badajoz, Madrid 2006).

In all these cases, both the design and manufacturing processes are completely computerised, with the construction relying on the use of MDF, plywood or metal boards. The underlying intention of the Nurbsters series is to develop various typologies for interior design and urban furniture through complex double-curved forms and the latest building technologies. A series of notched sections create a complex object to fit the programmatic, structural, ergonomic requisites. In this it reinterprets the traditional Chinese wooden cut-joint fitting technique and is thus ideal for quick assembly and disassembly. In research terms, the issue is how to develop new software-related aesthetics and forms by means of using 2D and 3D software, computer numerically controlled (CNC), and rapid prototyping technologies. All the Nurbsters projects have been extensively exhibited and reviewed, and they have attracted a number of international grants and sponsorship for design and manufacturing to date, totalling approximately £38,000.

Year12 Sep 2004
Publication dates
Completed12 Sep 2004

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