The Napsterisation of everything

Barbrook, R. 2002. The Napsterisation of everything. Science as Culture. 11 (2), pp. 277-285. doi:10.1080/09505430220137289

TitleThe Napsterisation of everything
AuthorsBarbrook, R.
JournalScience as Culture
Journal citation11 (2), pp. 277-285
YearJun 2002
Digital Object Identifier (DOI)doi:10.1080/09505430220137289
Publication dates
PublishedJun 2002

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Barbrook, R. 2001. Lipietz in London and Paris. in: Jessop, B. (ed.) The Parisian regulation school Cheltenham, UK Edward Elgar.

Hypermedia freedom
Barbrook, R. 2001. Hypermedia freedom. in: Ludlow, P. (ed.) Crypto anarchy, cyberstates, and pirate utopias Cambridge, USA MIT Press. pp. 47-58

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