Various pouring and leaking sculptures

Woods, R. 2002. Various pouring and leaking sculptures.

CreatorsWoods, R.

A sculpture-based installation that dealt with the popularising of institutionally directed taste. Cheap reproduction classical sculptures from garden centres were transformed into ornamental fountains, with running water, and installed at the Royal Academy of Arts. 'Various pouring and leaking sculptures' is a sculpture-based installation at the Royal Academy of Arts that deals with the

popularising of institutionally directed taste. It made use of cheap reproduction classical sculptures that can be bought from

garden centres. Drilling holes in them and running pumped water through them turned these two and three dimensional objects

into ornamental fountains. Fifty or more fountains were set up in the Royal Academy creating an installation that was both visibly

jarring and noisy, the noise of the fountains also punctuated many of the other gallery spaces either side of the exhibition.

The invitation to conceive an entire installation at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, gave Woods the opportunity to work with

the heritage and reputation of the institution. The installation reflected the populist notion of the institute’s position as arbiter of

taste, show casing sculpture and painting from its conception in 1700. The idea of cultural heritage and taste was reflected in

the use of easily accessible garden sculptures, many of whom were copies of original classical works that would have once sat

on the Royal Academy galleries. 'Various pouring and leaking sculptures' connects with other work by Woods that similarly

explores the re-imagining of everyday objects within aesthetic contexts, where there is a sense of the works being returned to

their intellectual home (see “Import/Export”)


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