Managing Vietnamese newsrooms: the role of internal communication

Vu, T. 2015. Managing Vietnamese newsrooms: the role of internal communication. PhD thesis University of Westminster Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design

TitleManaging Vietnamese newsrooms: the role of internal communication
TypePhD thesis
AuthorsVu, T.

There have been many studies on news production but little has been found about newsroom efficiency despite the fact that this is journalists’ main concern.

The very few (mostly foreign) researchers who study Vietnamese media usually look at them from policy making and political-social perspectives, and with an outsider’s eye. They have little physical access, if any, to the media houses, which surely limits their view. Their approach implicitly over-emphasizes the influence of political forces and neglects the media’s own dynamics. This research takes a different approach: from insiders’ point of view.

Using two daily newspapers as case studies, this multi-disciplinary ethnographic research seeks to understand the strategies Vietnamese news media employ to cope with the subsidy cuts and increasing competition while still under close political control. A particular focus is on the newsroom operational strategies to improve efficiency.

It is found that organizational structure and culture, work climate, motivation and employee satisfaction, leadership and management styles, personnel policies (task requirements vs personal abilities and skills), systems/policies and procedures, and most importantly, communication are the factors that affect the newsroom efficiency, as well as newsroom strategy implementation and results.


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