Cold War Legacies: Systems, Theory, Aesthetics

Beck, J. and Bishop, R. (ed.) 2016. Cold War Legacies: Systems, Theory, Aesthetics. Edinburgh Edinburgh University Press.

TitleCold War Legacies: Systems, Theory, Aesthetics
EditorsBeck, J. and Bishop, R.

From futures research, pattern recognition algorithms, nuclear waste disposal and surveillance technologies, to smart weapons systems, contemporary fiction and art, this book shows that we are now living in a world imagined and engineered during the Cold War. Drawing on theorists such as Jean Baudrillard, Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, Luce Irigaray, Friedrich Kittler, Michel Serres, Peter Sloterdijk, Carl Schmitt, Bernard Stiegler and Paul Virilio this collection makes connections between Cold War material and conceptual technologies, as they relate to the arts, society, and culture.

PublisherEdinburgh University Press
Publication dates
CompletedNov 2015
Published12 Sep 2016
Place of publicationEdinburgh

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