Handmade Colour Pictures

Cumberland, S. 2016. Handmade Colour Pictures. The approach 1st Floor, 47 Approach Road Bethnal Green, London E2 9LY

CreatorsCumberland, S.

An exhibition of 8 medium sized oil paintings. Questionable pleasures that I am analysing through self-conscious picture making include looking, hiding, hunting, loving and killing. The works have similarities with ‘how to’ guides, illustrated instructions and children’s books, yet despite their apparent simplicity the images pick-up upon, continue and intelligently play with a history of picture making.

FileStuart Cumberland-Handmade Colour Pictures-Installation view-B-300.jpg
Stuart Cumberland-Handmade Colour Pictures-Installation view-E-300.jpg
Stuart Cumberland-Handmade Colour Pictures-Installation view-D-300.jpg
Stuart Cumberland-Handmade Colour Pictures-Installation view-A-300.jpg
Stuart Cumberland-Handmade Colour Pictures-Installation view-C-300.jpg
KeywordsPainting, Pictures
Web address (URL)http://theapproach.co.uk/exhibitions/handmade-colour-pictures/images/

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