Heron, K. 2016. ADAPTr . Ambika P3 22 Nov - 16 Dec 2016

CreatorsHeron, K.

An public exhibition in Ambika P3 curated by Prof Katharine Heron, designed by Dr Maria Veltcheva and Paul Khera, about Creative Practice research PhD programme, comprising work in progress by 32 research fellows, seven completion exhibitions, and a graphic representation of the stages in the PhD. Open to the public with a number of advertised public events, and participation of all seven partners.
This is one of the outputs of the grant funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013.

KeywordsExhibiting creative practice research
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Out of Ice at Ambika P3
Heron, K. 2018. Out of Ice at Ambika P3. in: Warrilow, J. and Ogilvie, E. (ed.) Out of Ice: The Secret Language of Ice London Black Dog Publishing.

Case Studies
Signore, V., Veltcheva, M., Verbeke, J. and Heron, K. 2017. Case Studies. in: Zupancic, T. and Pedersen, C.P. (ed.) Brussels, Belgium KU Leuven. pp. 17-70

Relational Knowledge and Creative Practice
Verbeke, J., Heron, K. and Zupancic, T. 2016. Relational Knowledge and Creative Practice. in: Zupancic, T. and Pedersen, C.P. (ed.) Relational Knowledge and Creative Practice Brussels, Belgium KU Leuven. pp. 9-14

Conditions for Creativity/Creative Practice
Heron, K., Rattenbury, K. and Veltcheva, M. 2016. Conditions for Creativity/Creative Practice. in: Heron, K. (ed.) The ADAPT-r Creativity Book Belgium KU Leuven. pp. 111-145

ADAPTr Exhibition
Blythe, R., Heron, K., Rattenbury, K., Van Schaik, L., Verbeke, J. and Watson, F. Heron, K. (ed.) 2016. ADAPTr Exhibition. London Ambika P3 University of Westminster.

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