New Perspectives on Assessment in Translator Education

Huertas Barros, E. and Vine, J. (ed.) 2019. New Perspectives on Assessment in Translator Education. London Routledge.

TitleNew Perspectives on Assessment in Translator Education
EditorsHuertas Barros, E.
Vine, J.

This book focuses on new perspectives on assessment in translator and interpreting education and suggests that assessment is not only a measure of learning (i.e. assessment ‘of’ learning) but also part of the learning process (i.e. assessment ‘for’ learning and assessment ‘as’ learning).

To this end, the book explores the current and changing nature of assessment practices in TI education, not only in terms of the products but also the processes of translation. It includes empirical studies which examine competence-based assessment and quality in translation and interpreting education both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. This includes studies and proposals on formative and summative assessment in a wide range of educational contexts, as well as contributions about relatively unexplored research areas such as quality assurance and assessment in subtitling for the D/deaf and the hard of hearing, and how closely translation programmes fit the reality of professional practice.

The findings of this book lend support to existing theoretical frameworks and inform course planning and design in translation education. As such, it will be a valuable resource for translation educators, trainers and researchers, translation and interpreting practitioners and associated professionals. This book was originally published as a special issue of The Interpreter and Translator Trainer.

KeywordsTranslation and interpreting education, Translator competence, Assessment practices, Summative assessment, Formative assessment, Assessment for learning, Assessment criteria and rubrics
Publication dates
Published09 Apr 2019
Place of publicationLondon
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