Go with the flow: responses to climate change

Fellows, T. 2018. Go with the flow: responses to climate change. RIBA Journal.

TitleGo with the flow: responses to climate change
TypeJournal article
AuthorsFellows, T.

Flooding and drought in Bangladesh are being tackled with a policy of adaptation rather than resistance
Bangladesh is known across the world for its extreme climate and annual flooding, and but less well known is how it is confronting climate change by incrementally adapting and improving its buildings. The country is leading a dialogue on climate change by exerting pressure to halt global warming.
The remote delta village of Rajapur in the south of Bangladesh is one community leading change. It has been cited for demonstrating the different approaches to climate change needed for rural and urban locations.
Stories from the Rajapur village, where the Mannan Foundation recently completed a women’s literacy and healthcare centre, revealed that members of the community collectively take on the role of architect, and design and build support systems to adapt to the changing monsoon. The need to survive drives the communities to tackle environmental challenges in the village.

Keywordsexpanded-territory experimental-practice reflective-practice architecture research-based participation co-design climate-change environmental-design flood water climate Bangladesh community sustainability responsive-architecture riverine Rajapur village women’s literacy healthcare monsoon-assemblages changing-monsoon scarce-resources
JournalRIBA Journal
PublisherTower Publishing
Web address (URL)https://www.ribaj.com/intelligence/architectural-responses-to-climate-change-in-bangladesh
Publication dates
Published13 Jul 2018

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