The Routledge Research Handbook on Law and Theory

Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Andreas (ed.) 2018. The Routledge Research Handbook on Law and Theory. Routledge.

TitleThe Routledge Research Handbook on Law and Theory
EditorsPhilippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Andreas

This handbook sets out an innovative approach to the theory of law, reconceptualising it in a material, embodied, socially contextualised and politically radical way. The book consists of original contributions authored by prominent academics, all of whom provide a valuable overview of legal theory as a discipline.

The book contains five sections:

• Spatiotemporal

• Sense

• Body

• Text

• Matter

Through this structure, the handbook brings the law into active discussion with other disciplines, as well as supra-disciplinary debates on the areas of spatiality, temporality, materiality, corporeality and sensorial studies, capturing the most exciting developments in current legal theory, and anticipating future research in the area.

The handbook is essential reading for scholars and students of jurisprudence, sociology of law, critical legal studies, socio-legal theory and interdisciplinary legal studies, as well as those people from other disciplines interested in the way the law converses with interdisciplinarity.

Publication dates
Published17 Aug 2019

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