Portfolio of Interactive Installations

Shawcross, G. 2012. Portfolio of Interactive Installations.

TitlePortfolio of Interactive Installations
CreatorsShawcross, G.

Gabby Shawcross is one of a new generation of architects exploring time-based approaches to place-making and investigating how time-based media might be incorporated into architectural design and experience. The projects in this portfolio were produced while Shawcross was lead designer at Jason Bruges Studio, or independently as partner in the Studio of Cinematic Architecture (SOCA). They are playful experiments at the intersection of architecture, sculpture, live performance, the moving image and digital installation that explore the following research questions: How can architectural environments convey an embodied experience of time? How can cinematic concepts be used in architectural design and place-making? What technologies are appropriate to building performative spatial experiences into everyday life and urban space? While embracing new technological possibilities, they question the dominance of high technology in time-based architecture, instead looking for appropriate technological solutions that build performative spatial experiences into everyday life and urban space. Two of the projects in the portfolio were commissioned for the London 2012 Olympic Games, one as one of the Mayor of London’s Olympic Wonder Installations. It had high visibility and impact during the summer of 2012. ‘Bike Line’ was placed second in the 2011 Architecture Foundation Better Bankside Bike Shed competition. ‘The London Dresser’ was shortlisted for the 2013 AJ Small projects Award in the temporary installation category.

KeywordsInteractive design
time-based media
urban space
Year01 Jan 2012
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