A value based approach to modern architectural heritage in Cyprus: Schools in Larnaka, 1945-1963

Siandou, E. 2019. A value based approach to modern architectural heritage in Cyprus: Schools in Larnaka, 1945-1963. PhD thesis University of Westminster Architecture and Cities

TitleA value based approach to modern architectural heritage in Cyprus: Schools in Larnaka, 1945-1963
TypePhD thesis
AuthorsSiandou, E.

Cyprus, the easternmost island of the Mediterranean, is faced with the challenge of addressing the heritage assets of its modern architectural heritage. Emerging scholarship has indicated the wealth and the complexity of modern architecture in Cyprus as heritage. Nevertheless, modern architecture in Cyprus, developed during the most turbulent periods of the twentieth century in the island, has been linked with processes of colonialism and post-colonialism, independence, nation-building and conflict. Hence, by being explicitly involved in identity politics and conflict modern architecture in Cyprus constitutes contested heritage. In this context the mobilisation of modern architecture in Cyprus as heritage in favour of the construction of a peaceful and democratic society presents many challenges.

Over the last twenty years, the concept of heritage has gradually expanded to encompass a wide typological range of objects, as well as a wide range of time periods. At the same time, more and more disciplines have been involved in the study, safeguarding, promotion and management of heritage. Furthermore, as the participation and access to heritage is now recognised as a human right, the heritage processes involve more stakeholders, including groups which value the heritage object in different ways. These are some of the fundamental changes that characterise a ‘new paradigm’ in the heritage field. In light of this ‘new paradigm’ the consideration of heritage values has gradually shifted from the periphery to the epicentre of conservation theory and practice.

As heritage has been increasingly accepted as the source of important benefits to society the need to protect more complex layers of our heritage and to mobilise them in favour of sustainable development is today more urgent than ever.

This thesis argues that value-based approaches present opportunities for addressing complex heritage questions and mobilising heritage towards sustainable development in conflict-affected contexts. The heritage values of the modern architectural heritage of Cyprus, as well as the opportunities in the value-based approaches are addressed through the examination of the case study of post-WWII schools built in the city of Larnaka, Cyprus between 1945-1963.

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PublishedJul 2019

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