Four Questions About Art - ACE086.5

1979. Four Questions About Art - ACE086.5.

TitleFour Questions About Art - ACE086.5

Caption: "and lastly, how to distribute art to the best national advantage."
Ruskin describes seeing a derelict cottage near a manufacturing town, saying that the working classes cannot be blamed for their lack of taste and refinement which "can only dwell in the minds of those who have beautiful things around them". Wallpapers of several different designs. Commentary says that Ruskin told the manufacturers in his lecture audience that they could help counteract the effects of such ugliness by joining in an effort to educate public taste. Young couple describing how they’re going to decorate and furnish their new flat; their only quarrel with the existing décor is in the kitchen. Views of the Aylesbury Estate (built 1963, south-east London), while commentary talks about the revolutionary design of tenements blocks built in Birkenhead in 1845. Architects Ceri Griffiths and Derek Winch talk about the many factors – housing need, cost restraints, requirement for early completion, etc. – influencing the design of the Estate which was intended to offer an improvement in environment for those who lived there. Plans and architect’s drawings for one of the Aylesbury blocks. Commentary quotes the Bradford Observer’s 1850 call for better housing for the city’s poorer families. Woman hanging her washing on her balcony. Ruskin suggests that the rich should use their wealth wisely, to improve the lot of the less well off, and "… inform the ignorance of the whole human race". Credits.

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