Stanley Spencer - ACE088.4

1979. Stanley Spencer - ACE088.4.

TitleStanley Spencer - ACE088.4

First World War: street scenes, soldiers parading, recruitment. Photograph of Spencer; his VO talks about needing an atmosphere where it was "excusable to be quite happy without the danger of being complacent" which became impossible in war time. River scenes. Recruitment posters. Self Portrait (1914). VO talking about being in the Royal Army Medical Corps: photographs of military hospitals; training. Footage of troops on the Balkan front: VO talking about liking the wildness of the Macedonian landscape, and experiences there. Trenches and wagons; VO on transferring to a fighting regiment at Kalinova, and being commissioned, as the war ended, to be an official War Artist. Travoys Arriving With Wounded at a Dressing Station at Smol, Macedonia, September, 1916 (1919); VO describes elements of the painting. Sketches of other wartime scenes which became the paintings (1927-1932) in the Sandham Memorial Chapel, Burghclere. Convoy Arriving with Wounded. VO describing life at the Beaufort War Hospital, Bristol. Details of Sorting the Laundry. Filling Tea Urns. VO describes menial activities such as Washing Lockers in which he must – and did – find meaning. Hospital interior; tiled floor of corridor. Scrubbing the Floor. Tea in the Hospital Ward. VO describes how the paintings were constructed; images based on observations from Kalinova, Karasuli, etc.: The Resurrection of the Soldiers; details (including depiction of Spencer) with VO describing them. Ablutions. Reveille. The Chapel doors open to reveal the altar piece; Spencer at the Chapel; his VO describing Resurrection of the Soldiers, its sources, and its emphasis on the men’s religious experiences.

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