Exit No Exit - ACE171.2

1988. Exit No Exit - ACE171.2.

TitleExit No Exit - ACE171.2

Man on busy station concourse. Sleeping on underground train. Dancing down escalator with his girlfriend. Woman in black with dogs. Couple on platform – man in cricket kit playing air guitar. Man picks up his cricket bat and plays through station passageways. Map, "Stations of the Sign", showing Paradise and Necropolitan lines, Dis City, Hellsgate, Eden, etc. Man shaken by train guard. Looks at train map. With girlfriend on Eden platform, Paradise line. Can’t make chocolate machine work. Woman in black opens it and gives chocolate bar to girlfriend. Man and girlfriend kiss so intensely they miss train. They dance sensuously together.

Web address (URL)https://player.bfi.org.uk/free

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