Silver Shine - ACE174.4

1988. Silver Shine - ACE174.4.

TitleSilver Shine - ACE174.4

The Blue Notes. Hamilton talking about his children and their musical activities. Graeme and Mark Hamilton playing with their father. Hamilton VO talking about other musicians he’s worked with. Views of Birmingham. Photographs of Graeme and Mark as boys. Hamilton VO photographs talking about Errol Flynn visiting Jamaica in 1946 and asking Hamilton to play at a party. Hamilton describes how he composed a song, Silver Shine, for the event, but didn’t play it again for many years. The Blue Notes playing Silver Shine. Music continues over. Credits.

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Silver Shine - ACE174.2
1988. Silver Shine - ACE174.2.

Silver Shine - ACE174.3
1988. Silver Shine - ACE174.3.

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