The Vanishing Rembrandts - ACE249.6

1992. The Vanishing Rembrandts - ACE249.6.

TitleThe Vanishing Rembrandts - ACE249.6

Frick Collection, New York. Commentary says that the second half of Rembrandt’s work has yet to be assessed by the Committee, and suggests that The Polish Rider (1655), discovered and identified by Abraham Bredius, will be the subject of much dispute. Professor Julius Held describes the painting and a Rembrandt Self Portrait (1658). He cannot understand why The Polish Rider might be attributed to Willem Drost. Drost’s The Unmerciful Servant (The Centurion Cornelius) (1655). Bruyn talking about The Polish Rider. Van de Wetering talking about how the controversy over The Polish Rider started, and about reaction to questions over the authenticity of "icons". Naumann talking about the practicalities of selling a painting which is subsequently said to be inauthentic, the difference between $60m and £1.5m. Held criticising the Committee’s attitude. Van de Wetering says the Committee does not pretend to be the authority. Self Portrait as the Apostle Paul (1661). Self Portrait at the Age of 63 (1669). Bruyn VO saying he didn’t think the Committee realised at the outset how long this Project would take; he doesn’t like to speculate on whether or not it will be completed. Credits.

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