Kala Pani. Across the black water - ACE329.3

1996. Kala Pani. Across the black water - ACE329.3.

TitleKala Pani. Across the black water - ACE329.3

Razia Ahmed talking about entertaining her children’s friends. Saba Amjad dancing to Punjabi music in her living room. Jamieson talking about the Pakistani children in the classes she taught and saying that in retrospect, she realises that the white population could have learned a lot from the Pakistanis. Children playing round the Callanish standing stones. Omer Ahmed’s VO saying he regrets not having learned Punjabi properly and how few people speak it on Lewis. A loom. People singing in Gaelic, with accordion accompaniment, on a bus trip. Omer Ahmed says that his parents are happy about his being a doctor but sad that he practices near Glasgow and isn’t on Lewis where there is not enough work. Wedding. His VO says that the island population is declining. Saba Amjad doesn’t want to leave her home on Lewis. Singing on the bus. Saba singing the same song. Her mother sews a tartan. Nazir Ahmed says that he didn’t like being a door-to-door salesman. Now he several shops. Woman trying on hats in Nazir Brothers. Nazir says there’s "no colour bar" on Lewis and he’s proud to be part of the community. Razia Ahmed praying. Her VO says she’d like to be buried in Pakistan but perhaps should be buried on Lewis as this is where her children are. Headstones with Scottish and Pakistani names. The sea. Credits.

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Kala Pani. Across the black water - ACE329.2
1996. Kala Pani. Across the black water - ACE329.2.

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