Gift - ACE342.2

1996. Gift - ACE342.2.

TitleGift - ACE342.2

Archaeological dig. Water. Superimposed caption: "Ulf Langheinrich, the composer of this music grew up in Wolfen Bitterfeld in the former German Democratic Republic. The area was notorious for its astonishing landscape, a product of massive open cast mining and chemical production. Although much of the devastation belongs to a past era, some brown coal mining continues using machinery made before World War II. The music in this film is derived from the sounds of these industries."
Mine workings, dust, slurry, power lines, trains, flames. Machinery, workers.
Agricultural land, ploughing with horses, trees. Woman driving open-topped car, travelling shots of fields, houses, trees. Mine train. Machinery. Workmen. City street. Flat landscape. Aerial views of open cast mines and mine workings. Machinery. Coal pouring from conveyor. Coal-cutting machinery. Miners. Train. Miners’ locker-room area, clothes held high up on chains. Miners getting dressed. Machinery. Relief sculpture of miners at work. Man polishing car. Dust. Car waiting for ferry. Flames. Family looking at landscape. Water. Car on ferry. City street. People sunbathing near the water. Credits. Final caption includes dictionary translation of GIFT as poison, venom or toxin.

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