Hello Dolly Goodbye Mummy. A fairy tale - ACE343.2

1996. Hello Dolly Goodbye Mummy. A fairy tale - ACE343.2.

TitleHello Dolly Goodbye Mummy. A fairy tale - ACE343.2

Vasilissa, a little girl, with her parents, learning to ride her bicycle. Mother on deathbed gives Vasilissa a doll which sings to her. Funeral. Stepmother. Father practising golf indoors. Stepmother taunting Vasilissa; two stepsisters tearing up family photographs which show her real mother. Vasilissa and her Doll. Photographs miraculously repaired. She sees her father going out, but can’t leave her room as the stepsisters are pulling on the door from the other side. The Doll gets agitated. Stepmother and sisters pack Vasilissa into a large cardboard box and address it to Grandma Baba Yaga. Father arrives home. Vasilissa gets out of her box and finds grandmother pulling heads off baby dolls. Grandmother taunts her about being nervous of the dark and not having a mother to help her. Grandmother in her kitchen reading recipes for cooking children. The Doll prepares magical dinner for Grandmother who eats so much she falls over. Vasilissa runs away. Stepmother and sisters playing cards. Vasilissa, holding large kitchen knife, taunts them; wraps parcels. Father arrives home. Credits.

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