Igloo - ACE370.2

1998. Igloo - ACE370.2.

TitleIgloo - ACE370.2

Middle-aged couple. He plays the musical saw. Man struggling through thick snow. He realises that his compass has been affected by a wrapped object in his pocket, sends up a flare and calls for help. He sees the entrance to an igloo and crawls inside. Inside the igloo the man finds a book containing personal notes and photographs, etc. He warms himself over a candle. Man outside. The flare. Man in the igloo. He sees a box and a knapsack. He unpacks items of clothing from the knapsack; remembers other times. Man outside looking over crevasse; lowers himself down. Digging in the ice. Ice melting. Man in igloo with his candle. Writes some musical notes. Man digging. Candle. Blizzard. Man sitting in falling snow. Igloo contents and man partially covered in snow. Lights more candles in the crevasse. Wipes off his saw and starts to play. Blizzard retreats. Credits.

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