SOS. Songs of seduction - ACE375.2

1998. SOS. Songs of seduction - ACE375.2.

TitleSOS. Songs of seduction - ACE375.2

Flare goes up in storm. Bottle in water; hull of capsized boat; helicopter. Water; dolphins; helicopter. Woman singing distress call, "Are you reading me…" and searching inside overturned boat. Photographs of her family. She tries to make herself comfortable while waiting. Woman sings about herself and her family. Image of her husband responding, blaming her for the wreck of their relationship. They argue. Mermen. Dolphins. Voices enticing her to join them. Woman and her husband who tries to stop her from giving in. Helicopter. Mermen. Husband. Woman. The helicopter finds the boat and a frogman goes down to rescue her but the boat is empty. Credits.

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