Chaytantra. The Sixth Story - ACE412.2

1993. Chaytantra. The Sixth Story - ACE412.2.

TitleChaytantra. The Sixth Story - ACE412.2

Jungle: elephant, peacock, mole. Guns. Rich Power puts objects – tea, sugar, jewellery, etc. – in decorated boxes. The peacock is shot, and its tail feathers are also put into a box. Endless Power heals the peacock. Rich Power drags away his possessions. Guns. Rich Power tries to attack Endless Power. Hand squeezes fruit. Endless Power makes one of the seeds reveal a hidden staircase to Rich Power. He goes down the stairs while she releases the objects from the boxes. The objects go down after Rich Power. Just as he thinks he has found more treasure, he is attacked and killed. Endless Power disappears. The jungle blooms. Credits.

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