Damirifa Due! Saying goodbye. - ACE415.2

1993. Damirifa Due! Saying goodbye. - ACE415.2.

TitleDamirifa Due! Saying goodbye. - ACE415.2

Film-maker’s VO introducing herself as an Ashanti of the Oyoko clan, from Jamasi in Ghana. Photographs of her and her family in Ghana. Photographs of her grandmother and of her grandmother’s funeral. Child’s VO describing how the body was cared for. Ghanaian funeral ceremony in London. VO points out that the deceased may actually have died in Ghana. Caption: "United Kingdom." Prayers and offerings. Caption: "Ghana." Similar ceremony. The two events intercut. Caption: "Wakekeeping." Body lying in state with women and men mourning. Photographs of dead grandmother. The funeral of someone who died prematurely (enclosed coffin), mourners singing and dancing. Caption: "Storeroom, Tottenham Leisure Centre, London." Children getting ready. Dancing. Caption: "Gun salute for the deceased."
Dancers with toy guns. Caption: "Gifts to be buried with the deceased."
Women holding baskets. Another woman announces the gifts for the deceased. In Ghana: coffin carried out the house and along road; the interment. Other processions. VO says that the burial is the hardest part. Caption: "Washing away death before re-entering the house." In London. In Ghana: guests at the funeral; musicians; dancers. Similar scenes in London. Caption: "The social event of the year." Couple dancing in Ghana. Caption: "Gifts for the bereaved family." Photographs in Ghana. The London event; woman presenting her husband with a gift to show she shares his sorrow at the loss of his father. Women singing. Dancing in London and Ghana. Caption: "Sharing the cost." People in both countries giving donations. VO describes this as a gesture of support for the bereaved family. Dancing. Credits.

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