Kanga - ACE424.2

1992. Kanga - ACE424.2.

TitleKanga - ACE424.2

Young couple, Dennis and Andrea, visiting street market, looking at materials, jewellery, clothes, etc. Andrea’s VO says the market brings back memories of Africa, and that they are looking for African materials to make costumes for their wedding. Woman wearing East African kanga and Masai-influenced hairstyle and jewellery. Commentary describes a kanga. The couple visit shop to look at wedding dress materials; they look at a book called Nigerian Body Adornment (Eve De Negri, 1976). Three women wearing dresses originating elsewhere in Africa. Commentary suggests that Western fashion designers often copy such styles without acknowledging their sources. Prompted by the sight of one of the women, two men start rapping about fashions from all over Africa. Dennis and Andrea talk to a designer to discuss some of the designs they’ve found in the book. He shows them some materials, hats, etc. The rappers. The designer, Farouk Abdillah, from Tanzania. VO talking more about the history of the kanga, and how it’s still being developed outside Africa by people like Abdillah. Dennis and Andrea in their wedding costumes. Women dancers. VO giving more information on the history and traditions of the kanga, and saying that Swahili women can be emotionally attached to them. African wood-carvings. Man dancing beside large brass bed. Women dancers. Dennis and Andrea. Street market. Woman and rappers. Head of Sphinx. Women in African-influenced costumes. VO wonders if the kanga could become "the fashion statement of tomorrow". Caption: "‘I call Gold, Gold is mute/ I call Cloth, Cloth is mute/ It is mankind that matters.’ (Anon., Gold Coast, eighteenth century)" Credits.

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