Latifah and Himli’s Nomadic Uncle - ACE454.3

1992. Latifah and Himli’s Nomadic Uncle - ACE454.3.

TitleLatifah and Himli’s Nomadic Uncle - ACE454.3

Tent near the river. Beds covered with mosquito nets. Man puts his feet into a container of water. Latifah and Himli siting together, looking at uncle Nizar. VOs discussing him and comparing him favourably to other Asian men of his age. They all play table tennis together; he answers, quoting clichés, a question about how coming to the city has changed his cultural identity, talks about East Africa not being as far east as India, Britain and Europe being north, North America being west. Abstract images with man’s VO saying he will get out of city dwellers’ homeland if they will get out of his. The Nomads applaud. Mouse by table tennis net. Sandalled feet on dried mud. Mountains. Sky. Tree. Latifah and Himli walking on mud and in long grass. Latifah tells Himli that "spikes on the tops of buildings" are to stop "illegal immigrants jumping out of aeroplanes". Himli gets irritated at Latifah’s pretentiousness. They walk on across a field. Iris out on the sandaled feet. Abstract images. Credits. Abstract images taken away by a hand.

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Latifah and Himli’s Nomadic Uncle - ACE454.2
1992. Latifah and Himli’s Nomadic Uncle - ACE454.2.

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