Marketing Innovation in Tourism

Nadda, V. and Arnott, Ian 2020. Marketing Innovation in Tourism. in: Sumesh Singh Dadwal (ed.) Handbook of Research on Innovations in Technology and Marketing for the Connected Consumer IGI Global. pp. 401-415

Chapter titleMarketing Innovation in Tourism
AuthorsNadda, V. and Arnott, Ian
EditorsSumesh Singh Dadwal
AbstractTourism businesses have become virtual organisations linked to information technology available for innovation in marketing as well as using other platforms in the social media environment such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. This use of social media is creating innovation, as the tourists are becoming co-designers, co-producers, co-marketers, and co-consumers of tourism experiences. The branding strategies methods, tools, and process are changing since the adoption of digital technology in marketing and branding. The organisations are able to reach their tourism appeal through multisensory information that touches the five senses in a more effective way. The use of liquid branding and audio branding to introduce, enhance, and develop various audio and visual elements of the brand is a new trend in branding. Therefore, as brick and mortar or virtual organisations, the destination marketing organisation should innovate their marketing efforts and should respond to change within a dynamic business environment.
Book titleHandbook of Research on Innovations in Technology and Marketing for the Connected Consumer
Page range401-415
PublisherIGI Global
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