Translaboration in Analogue and Digital Practice: Labour, Power, Ethics

Zwischenberger, C. and Alfer, A. (ed.) 2023. Translaboration in Analogue and Digital Practice: Labour, Power, Ethics. Berlin Frank & Timme.

TitleTranslaboration in Analogue and Digital Practice: Labour, Power, Ethics
EditorsZwischenberger, C. and Alfer, A.

Translaboration brings translation and collaboration into dialogue with one another. It theorises new forms of collaboration not only between humans, but also between humans and machines, posits the text as an actor in the translation process, and stresses the potential confluence,
rather than opposition, of analogue and digital spaces. The contributors to this volume explore translaboration from a wide range of perspectives and challenge prevalent binaries such as analogue/digital, professional/non-professional, paid/voluntary, individual/collective, production/consumption, among others. Their articles shine a light on the social, political, disciplinary, and ethical implications of the power differentials at play in collaborative translation. Through the lens of translaboration, they probe what translation and collaboration are, should be, and are capable of being.

translation ethics
translation and labour
PublisherFrank & Timme
Publication dates
Published12 Dec 2022
Published in print2023
Place of publicationBerlin
SeriesTranskulturalität – Translation – Transfer, vol. 57

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