Writer Conversations

Soutter, L. and Wooldridge, D. (ed.) 2023. Writer Conversations. London 1000 Words.

TitleWriter Conversations
EditorsSoutter, L. and Wooldridge, D.

Composed as interviews with writers at the forefront of discourses and debates around photography and visual culture, Writer Conversations exploes processes and motivations that have given rise to an array of critical commentary and intellectual histories shaping photography today. Formed of knowledge from culturally diverse worlds, viewpoints and approaches, the book brings together a range of voices from authors such as Tina M. Campt, David Campany, David Levi Strauss, Christopher Pinney, Joanna Zylinska, and Simon Njami. Drawing on relevant historical and contemporary examples, it grapples with bonds between looking and writing, seeing and “entering” images, qualities admired in other writers, professional demands and the frameworks of criticality. The writers also attend to inclusive and representative strategies, white supremacy and structures of inequality and complicity, autobiography and lived experience, synthesising social and environmental justice, and connecting readers to new emotional and critical perspectives beyond dominant and historically established narratives. Writer Conversations sets out models for imagining ways of writing on the currency and status of the photographic image amidst radical global transformations and a medium departing in new directions.

KeywordsPhotography writing
contemporary photography
photography theory
Publisher1000 Words
Publication dates
PublishedFeb 2023
Place of publicationLondon

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