English Pleasures. Photographs by Chris Steele Perkins

DirectorRenny Bartlett
One line synopsisOne of a series of short films on documentary photographers living and working Britain: Chris Steele-Perkins (b. Burma, 1947).

Photographs and collages of landscapes, gardens, birds, children, Christmas in a department store, holiday themes, beach scenes, circus acts, hall of mirrors, parties, bars, theatre, nightclubs, etc. Credits. I.D.CARD CHRIS STEELE-PERKINS. This film uses photographs from the book The Pleasure Principle.

Production companyReverie Productions
Running time5 minutes
Full credits

Production Accountant Nigel Wood;
Rostrum Camera Begonia Tamarit;
Photographic Consultant Jenny Matthews;
Graphic Design Siân Thomas,
Madeleine Hall;
Music Danny Thompson;
Editor JoAnn Kaplan;
Executive Producer Rodney Wilson;
Produced by Renny Bartlett
and Ian McAuley;
Directed by Renny Bartlett.
Reverie Productions for the Arts Council of Great Britain in association with Channel 4 Television.

Film segmentEnglish Pleasures. Photographs by Chris Steele Perkins - ACE184.2
Web address (URL)https://player.bfi.org.uk/free

Permalink - https://westminsterresearch.westminster.ac.uk/portfolio/v5y95/english-pleasures-photographs-by-chris-steele-perkins

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