War Effort. Women at War. Photographs by Jenny Matthews

DirectorRenny Bartlett
One line synopsisOne of a series of short films on documentary photographers living and working Britain: Jenny Matthews (b.1948).

Photograph of small naked baby. Caption (woman’s voice reads over at the same time): "There is perhaps no woman who could look down upon a battlefield covered with slain, but the thought would rise in her, ‘So many mothers’ sons, so many months of weariness and pain while bones and muscles were shaped within, so many hours of anguish so that breath might be!’ No woman who is a woman says of a human body, ‘This is nothing!’ Olive Schreiner." Photographs of women and children working and waiting, men with guns and gas masks. Hands. Field guns. Women waiting. Injured children. Women demonstrating for peace. Women with guns. I.D.CARD JENNY MATTHEWS I would like to change the world – photography is the nearest I can get to doing that. Credits.

Production companyReverie Productions
Running time5 minutes
Full credits

Voiceover Debra Michaels;
Rostrum camera Begonia Tamarit;
Graphic design Siân Thomas,
Madeleine Hall;
Music Danny Thompson;
Editor JoAnn Kaplan;
Executive producer Rodney Wilson;
Produced by Renny Bartlett
and Ian McAuley;
Directed by Renny Bartlett.
Reverie Productions for the Arts Council of Great Britain in association with Channel 4 Television.

Film segmentWar Effort. Women at War. Photographs by Jenny Matthews - ACE192.2
Web address (URL)https://player.bfi.org.uk/free

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