Anansi Fantasia

DirectorShirley Thompson
One line synopsisOne of a series of short productions made by young black film- and video-makers, a dramatisation of a Caribbean folk tale in which trickster Anansi tries to find out a young woman’s secret name; the narration is by Jamaican-born community activist, Connie Mark (1923-2007).

Woman sitting on her porch embroidering, tells a story about Anansi, "the trickster of the village". Dora and her daughter, whose name, Missirolinkia, was kept secret so that a man would have to guess her name in order to marry her. In order to capitalise on this idea, Anansi goes to the King and explains this to him, and the King agrees to reward him if he can find out the girl’s name. Anansi goes to Dora’s house, and finds her finishing her laundry. When Dora goes indoors, he walks all over the clean clothes; she comes out to find them all dirty and calls her daughter. Anansi hears the name, tells the King, gets his reward, and offers to bring Missirolinkia to him. However, Anansi then decides to win the daughter for himself. He goes to Dora and though he shocks her by saying her daughter’s name, she’s happy to let her go with him. The King arrives, and Anansi pretends he was bringing Missirolinkia to him much to Dora’s confusion. When she tells the King what has happened, he orders Anansi to give his reward money to the poor. The King and Missirolinkia marry and live happily ever after while Anansi goes back to scheming. Credits.

Production companyPrime Productions
Running time7 minutes
Full credits

Storyteller, Connie Mark;
Anansi, Leon Hazlewood;
Dora, Dollie Henry;
King, Hi Ching ;
Missirolinkia, Lorraine Le-Blanc.
Director of Photography Jeff Baynes;
Gaffer Jim Lennon;
Camera Assistant Tiffany Walker;
Grip Martin McCullough;
Sound Recordist Kim Joseph;
Art Director Andrea Montag;
Make-up Artist Michele Baylis;
Stills Photographer Armet Francis;
Catering H. E.Thompson;
Production Manager Dominic DeVine;
Production Supervisor Juliet McKoen;
Off-Line Editor Peter Harvey;
On-Line Editor Julian Bryant;
Telecine Operator Dave Ludlam;
Music Shirley Thompson;
Music & Effects Recording Henry Thomas;
Executive Producers Paul Corley,
Rodney Wilson;
Special Thanks to Anita Bell,
Jason Glenister,
Carol Jacobs,
Michael Ho,
Glen Laker,
Bill Pretty,
Richard Thompson,
Greenwich Council,
The Mill,
Tattooist International Ltd.,
Theatre Royal, Stratford East.
Produced and Directed by Shirley Thompson.
For the Arts Council of Great Britain and Carlton Television.
© Arts Council of Great Britain & Prime Productions 1993.

Film segmentAnansi Fantasia - ACE233.2
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