Day and Night

DirectorPeter Harvey
One line synopsisOne of a series of short productions made by young black film- and video-makers, a dramatized view of London life in the 17th and 20th centuries.

Town Crier walks through a market ringing his bell and calling "London, thou art the flower of cities all…", and recites some of the rules of the Apollo Club – "Let none but guests or clubbers hither come … More for delight than cost prepare the feast." The Crier becomes a poet and recites – over montage of London sights with dramatised sequences of people in offices and pubs, jazz musicians, policemen, down-and-outs, etc. – verses about rich and poor, law-abiding and criminal, and so on. Credits.

Running time7 minutes
Full credits

Town Crier/Poet, Leon Herbert;
Andrew Davis,
David O’Kelly,
Danny Sapani,
Tom Bushe,
Eden Eyre;
Jazz Musicians, Adrian Richards,
Steve Williamson;
Additional performers, Jennifer Wagner,
Wendy Monro,
Samantha Bernard,
Wendy Tappin,
Fay Wint,
Paul Jayson,
Gerard Ryan,
Victoria Parsons,
Gary Donnelly,
Victor Blackman,
Bernadette Blackman,
Lorraine Elder,
Leon Donnelly,
Viesha Tews;
Lighting Camera Roy Cornwall;
1st Asst/Hi8 Camera Mario Thomas;
Art Director Katheryn Clinkscales;
Assistant Director Remy Stevenson;
2nd Asst Camera Karen Brown;
Sound Recordist Andrew Pearson;
Soundtrack Mario Thomas,
Ben Smith,
Peter Harvey;
Studio Engineer Ben Smith;
Studio Assistant Dianne Gayle;
Lyrics/Narration Anthony Grant;
Facilities VET,
Cultural Partnerships,
The Film Stock Centre;
Special Thanks to The Old Queens Head,
Martella Ltd.,
Middle Temple,
London Borough of Islington,
London Borough of Hackney,
The Eltham,
The Greenback Partnership,
Lol Gellor,
Danny Fontayne,
Paul Corley,
Alina Jeremy
The Harvey Family;
Executive Producer Juliet McKoen;
Producer David A. Ryan;
Editor and Director Peter Harvey,
For the Arts Council and Carlton Television Ltd.
© PWH/ACGB/1993.

Film segmentDay and Night - ACE234.2
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