DirectorAnne Parouty
One line synopsisOne of a series of experimental films featuring performance artists: Ronald Fraser-Munro and his creations in 2069.

Caption: "The year is 2069 and the GCSE – General Corporation State Executive – controls the Earth’s entire population. Following a freak asteroid storm, the Space Prison Ship FREEDOM 6 is taken over by inmates. They gain control of the ship’s interstellar communications network….." L’Homme Blanc broadcasting to Earth explaining that the prisoners are now in control of the space ship. He introduces: The omni-popular Kenny Process Team, rock band. L’Homme Blanc introduces a political interview with Signor Mikhail Schweinkopfkissen of the GCSE, an Adolf Hitler figure. L’Homme Blanc shoots him. L’Homme Blanc introduces other characters including the cookery presenter. L’Homme Blanc signs off. Credits.

Production companyEuphoria Films
Running time9 minutes
Full credits

Written and Performed by Ronald Fraser-Munro;
With The Kenny Process team
and Johnny Spiers as Mikhail Schweinkopfkissen.
Camera Jordi Ripolles,
Maxine Blake;
Sound G. Ross,
Jelena Ilic;
Production Designer Simon Bowles;
Art Department Daisy Bodley,
Susan Devey,
Asif Khan;
Production Assistants Rajinder Sighu,
Suzanne Stickney;
Costume Design Yvette Pemberton;
Computer Animation William Giddings;
Production Manager Julia Gretton;
Editor Tim Lovell;
Dubbing Editor Robin Ward;
Title Sequence John Wood,
Paul Harrison;
Executive Producers Keith Alexander,
Rodney Wilson;
Producers Sophie Gardiner,
Debra Hauer;
Director Anne Parouty.
Euphoria Films for BBC Television and Arts Council of England.
© BBC Television/Arts Council of England MCMXCVII.

Film segmentLSD TV - ACE336.2
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