CollaboratorsMargaret Williams (Director) and Victoria Marks (Choreographer)
One line synopsisA dance film created for television in which seven septuagenarian Canadian men, all non-dancers, perform together.

Elderly men looking at photographs of their younger selves. Men walking in snow. Photographs, boot tracks. Grassy footprints in snow. Ice footprints on grass. Men running, lying and rolling in long grass. Men in forest, some "conducting" others. Changes of light on the mountains. One man pulling invisible objects out of the air. Gets a hat and passes it on to another. Men throw hats into the air. Man making long line with stones taken from his pockets. Man lays out his possessions on a handkerchief by the river. Men dancing on shingle near river. Pixillated view of man with household items vehicles and people moving around behind him. Woman comes up to him. Men and women waltzing on temporary dance-floor. Man kisses woman and they walk off. Thrown stone makes ripples in lake. Fingers "dancing" on rings of cut tree. View of three men walking in circle in snow. Men introduce themselves, writing their names in the snow. Touching their own faces and hands. One on grassy "island" in middle of snow. Credits with photograph of younger man; brief film of man dancing.

Production companyMJW Productions
Running time20 minutes
Full credits

The Men: John D. Bracco,
Jim Bruce,
Jack Fawkes,
H. Alan Hipkins,
Pete Kuzminski,
David Robinson,
Pat Slavin.
With many thanks to their wives.
Filmed entirely on location in Alberta, Canada.
Photography David Scott,
Mick Duffield,
Margaret Williams;
Music Andy Teirstein;
Art Directors Stephanie Mathtews,
Anisa Skuce;
Sound Recordist Paul Herspiegel;
Video Technician Aubrey Fernandez;
Production Managers Kellie Marlowe,
Steve Nixon;
Online Editor Allan Ford;
Graphics Infynity;
Editor John Middlewick.
A Co-production with the Banff Centre for the Arts.
Executive Producer Sara Diamond;
Executive Producers for the Arts Council and the BBC
Rodney Wilson,
Bob Lockyer;
Producer Anne Beresford.
Dedicated to John Greenhough, 1919-1997.
MJW Productions for BBC and the Arts Council of England.
© BBC and the Arts Council of England MCMXCVII.

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Men - ACE369.3
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