Men of Good Fortune

CollaboratorsDick Hauser (Director) and Job Cornelissen (Choreographer)
One line synopsisOne of a series of dance pieces created specially for television: two men fight but are eventually reconciled.

Two men fighting in a pedestrian underpass. The two men standing in Underground passage as commuters push past them. The two men, one walking along railway track, the other on the tops of freight wagons; on road beside disused railway line. The men in eating a snack bar. They fight. One leaves. Both men running across bridge, along a traffic-filled road, up an escalator. They are reconciled. Docks at sunset. The men on a quayside. The men singing in a bar. Riding home on a bus. One falls asleep on the other’s lap. They arrive at their factory. Credits.

Production companyEgmond Film and Television
Running time9 minutes
Full credits

Choreographer Job Cornelissen;
Music The Ex;
Written & Directed Dick Hauser;
Performers: Sassan Saghar Yaghmai,
Job Cornelissen.
Director of photography Ruud Monster;
Production managers Manna Nasht,
Peter-Jan Brouwer;
Location manager Phoxx;
Gaffers Stefano Bertacchini,
Chris Uiterwijk;
Sound Sophie Determeyer;
Make-up Marleen Holthuis;
Costume design Dorine van Ijsseldijk;
Assistant producer Inge van Hunnik;
Post production Natasja van Wijk;
Editor Marco van Welzen;
Sound Editing Wiebe de Boer;
Editor dance NPS Mirjam van der Linden;
Production coordinator NPS Marianne Eggink;
Executive producers Henk van der Meulen NPS,
Rodney Wilson Arts Council of England,
Bob Lockyer BBC;
Producers Hans de Weers,
Hans de Wolf.
This film was supported by the Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Promotion Fund.
An Egmond Film and Television Production for BBC/Arts Council of England/NPS.
© MM BBC/Arts Council of England/NPS.

Film segmentMen of Good Fortune - ACE381.2
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