Ursulena’s Box

DirectorJillian Li-Sue
One line synopsisOld Vincent reminisces about the death and burial of his great grandmother, Ursulena.

Old Vincent in bookmaker’s waiting for results of race. His horse loses to Green Lizard. Vincent walking away. Memory of him as a child talking about learning of the death of his great grandmother Ursulena the day his brother put one on him. "Green lizard – them is a bad sign…" Old Vincent carries on telling the story of seeing gravediggers, etc. Old Vincent reaches home. He tells about the food being prepared for the grave. He says that his great grandmother, daughter of a freed slave, was well liked, and that he spent the whole day watching events, though he had not said goodbye to Ursulena. Old Vincent going to bed. Young Vincent goes to see the body; his VO talking about her being laid out in her wedding dress. Old Vincent thinking of the death of his wife. He says that after seeing his great grandmother, he slept on the floor of his aunt’s room. Funeral. Old Vincent visit’s his wife’s grave with bottle of rum. He remembers telling mourners that "the dead must have their drink" and they should not forget their traditions. Old Vincent talks about being afraid of Ursulena’s coffin, asking his aunt why she had died as she was a good woman, and being told off for questioning God’s doing, and that.75 was very old. He says that his wife was only 62 when she died. Old Vincent at the cemetery; talks about Ursulena’s burial, saying that he was scared until the coffin was finally covered. He shares a drink with his dead wife. "It shows you remember." Credits.

Production companyRosenthal Films
Running time10 minutes
Full credits

Written & Directed by Jillian Li-Sue;
Vincent, Tommy Buson;
Young Vincent, Stephen Smith;
Ursulena, Florence Li-Sue;
Character Voices, Vincent Li-Sue,
Paulette Blake,
Richard Swainston.
The Producers gratefully acknowledge the assistance of
Inez Grant,
Nigel Martin,
Lloyd Lye Sue,
Cameene Pitters,
Amanda Williams,
Michael Williams,
Mitchell McKenzie,
Monica McKenzie,
Karen Hiscock,
Jasmine Davis,
Samuel Spence,
Morris Evans,
David Lucas
Renault (UK) Ltd.,
S P Richardson Memorials,
London Borough of Lewisham,
BBC Television Film Services,
B&C Motors (Catford) Ltd.,
Lewisham Leisure Services,
J Wray & Nephew (UK) Ltd.,
E Coomes Ltd.
Produced with financial assistance from the Arts Council of Great Britain.
Script Editor Joe Grossi;
Assistant Director Lyn Dale;
Continuity Polly Hope;
Set Design Lucy Thane,
Jenni Israel;
Make-Up Sarah Moulton;
Camera Assistant Hilda Sealy;
Catering Florence Li-Sue;
On-Line Editor Bill Ogden;
Dubbing Mixer Ian Selwyn;
Composer Geoff Noble;
Sound Recordist Alexandra Sage;
Editor Mel Morpeth;
Lighting Cameraman Martin Charles Westall;
Producer Ian Dodd.
© Rosenthal Films 1992.

Film segmentUrsulena’s Box - ACE443.2
Web address (URL)https://player.bfi.org.uk/free

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