Whitchurch Down (duration)

DirectorMalcolm Le Grice
One line synopsisExperimental film exploring the relationship between the illusory, subjective time and space of a photographic image with the real, objective time of a film projection.

Variously flash-coloured repeated shots/frames of part of Whitchurch Down. Freeze frame. More brief shots and still frames. Quicker shots, repeated, of another sequence of views. Freeze frames and some faster shots of another sequence of views. Longer repeated shot, sometimes reversed, with various colours, later intercut with closer shot of same. Credits.

Running time8 minutes
Full credits

by Malcolm Le Grice.
Made with a grant from the Arts Council of Great Britain.

Film segmentWhitchurch Down (duration) - ACE463.2
Web address (URL)https://player.bfi.org.uk/free

Permalink - https://westminsterresearch.westminster.ac.uk/portfolio/v5zq0/whitchurch-down-duration

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