Dr Unvan Atas

Dr Unvan Atas

Unvan Atas joined WBS in 2010. Previously he has taught at various institutions such as Middlesex University, Birkbeck University, University of London, and Eastern Mediterranean University.

Prior to this, Unvan has had work and internship experiences at Tara HealthCare UK for consultation on company's database development and using it for database and direct marketing. Also, Unvan worked at Elise/Evolink Telecommunication Ltd for stock checking, reporting directly to Sales Director and providing regular reports and feedback. What is more, Unvan worked 3 yearsat Honey-Tel Ltd., London/UK for consulting in developing marketing strategy and web pages of the company. Designed the corporate logo, designing publicity materials and preparing database for B2B direct marketing, and some general office administration work.

Unvan obtained his internship experiences at prestigious places of Hotel Palm Beach (5 star) as an assistance of Public Relations manager, an assistant of Director at Channel D TV, Istanbul/ Turkey, and finally, at ATV channel, Istanbul as an assistant of Programme Director.


PhD in Communication and Media, University of Westminster.

MSc (FT) in Business and Management Research, Middlesex University

MA (PT) in Public Relations and Public Communication, University of Westminster

BA (Hons) in Public Relations and Advertising, Eastern Mediterranean University

PGCHE, Middlesex University


Unvan is a native speaker of Turkish and currently undertaking a Spanish class to improve his basic Spanish language.

Unvan has an interdisciplinary research interest of communication, media and politics. Some specific research focuses on media effects on public opinion, framing, political campaigning communication, advertising & PR and recently he has developed an interest in branding and consumer behaviour.

Currently, he has started to supervise a PhD student on the Influence of Social Media in Higher Education in the UK.

July 2011 - A Cross-National Analysis of Agenda-Setting Process in the 2004 Cyprus Referendum, Istanbul at International Association for Media and Communication Research

Nov 2009 - The agenda-setting battle between press and the political campaigners in the 2004 Cyprus Referendum at international conference of "development of agenda-setting theory and research. Between west and east", Wroclaw, Poland.

Nov 2008 - ECREA's 2nd European Communication Conference "Communication Policies and Culture in Europe" in Barcelona/Spain.

Sept 2007 - 4th ECPR Political Psychology Conference, Pisa/Italy. The Impact of Political Campaigns Information on Voting Behaviour During the 2004 Cyprus Referendum.

May 2007 - 2nd International Communication in Peace/Conflict in Communication, North Cyprus. The Role of Political Campaign's Messages Impact on Voter's Decision-Making Process.

April 2007 - 4th International Political Marketing Conference, Romania. The Role of News Media in the Process of Political Leaders Image Construction: A Critical Discourse Analysis of KIBRIS newspaper.

April 2006 - 3rd International Political Marketing Conference, Nicosia/Cyprus. The Role and Impact of Cultural Factors in the Decision-Making Process of Communication Professionals.

May 2004 - 1st International Eastern Mediterranean University Conference: Ethics in Communication and the Media, North Cyprus. An Enquiry of Ethics into the PR Battle Over the Representation of the Cyprus Issue.

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