Mrs Magali Brenac

Mrs Magali Brenac

I am a Lecturer in French and Translation Studies in the School of Humanities.

Educated in France, I obtained an MA in English with a dissertation on modern British drama and, more particularly, British playwright Howard Barker. I also hold a teaching qualification in French as a Foreign Language and a TEFL qualification.

Between 2004 and 2010 I taught French in institutions such as Birmingham University, the Alliance Française de Londres, Birkbeck and King's College London. In 2010 I was awarded the Institute of Linguists "Diploma in Translation". It allowed me to start working as a certified freelance translator whilst being a part-time lecturer at the University of Westminster. 

To complete my MA in English, I wrote two dissertations entitled "Contemporary drama and British society: Traditions and Transgressions in the nineties" and "Le théâtre de la catastrophe de Howard Barker : un tragique de la transgression".

My current research interest lies in the translation of British contemporary plays into French, focusing on the strategies that are specifically involved in the translation and culture-bound adaptation of drama.

Recently I participated in a captivating project led by Colorado State University which resulted in the publication of Colorado. Translations/Traducciones (2019). This volume is an anthology of bilingual English-Spanish or English-French poetry: poems were translated by MA students and their translation revised by lecturers/translators. Revising the French texts whilst preserving the creativity of their translator and the original format of the poems was a truly unique challenge.