Dr Olivier Moullard

I am a Lecturer at the School of Media Art and Design (Film and Photography) and at the Faculty of Science and Technology (Electronic and Computer Science), University of Westminster. Looking for steam back in 2006-2007 I self-taught Econometrics & Financial Derivatives supported by taking 3 MSc modules in Quantitative Finance Prior to this, I was a researcher in Astrophysics, 1995-2005, including 5 years worth of postdoctoral positions at Queen Mary and the European Space Agency. I got a PhD in Astrophysics, Queen Mary University, 2000. Trained as a Physicist in France; my MSc subject was Space Plasma Physics (a mix of Electromagnetism, Fluid Dynamics, Nuclear Physics).

Current research: I'm interested in participating in research in the fields of Imaging Science or Big Data.

Previous research (1995-2005): 

  • Publications: a dozen articles in international scientific journals. 
  • Topic: Analysis of spacecraft data (electromagnetic fields, waves and particles measurements) for studying the magnetospheres of the Sun and the Earth. 
  • Member of 3 international space missions (WIND, ULYSSES, CLUSTER). 
  • Awards: by ESA for top story (2007) and scientific contribution to the CLUSTER mission (2005) 
  • Data work: mine, organize, process, analyse, case study, large-scale survey ― Analysis Techniques:, parametric modelling, numerical methods, 4D time-series, spectral analysis 
  • Examples of scientific studies: intermittence in turbulence spectra, monitoring change of conditions (regimes volatility), jumps/shocks, calculation of moments from particles probability distributions of velocity, characterization of electromagnetic wave properties, wave-particle interaction 
  • Coding & algorithms: data format conversion, instrument calibration, data structuring, data pre-conditioning, noise removal, evaluation of trends, automated detection of events, wrappers to foreign code, coordinates system transformations, image processing

  • Computational Vision and Imaging Technology