Mr Savraj Matharu

Mr Savraj Matharu

Savraj Matharu is a digital leader, creative technologist and digital innovator.

His expertise ranges from developing and producing powerful digital solutions from concept to completion via interdisciplinary and innovative methodologies. From complex problem solving, computer programming, to design engineering solutions into the marketplace.   

During his time at Westminster, Savraj Matharu has accumulated several prizes, awards and developed a series of new innovative degree programmes demonstrating an aptitude for progressive curriculum development, with the focus on digital and interdisciplinary pedagogy, in a wide range of subject area disciplines across the University and its many sites. The success of these degree programmes has been highlighted in formulating digital abilities in order to unlock potential and catalyst for growth within key areas.

In 2016 Savraj founded and launched the first STEAM based master’s degree Interactive Media Practice MA at the University of Westminster with a core focus on interdisciplinary skills, research-informed and practice-led action learning, as seen in industry 4.0. The pioneering master's programme embodies a start-up culture where students develop digital solutions through a range of creative technologies such as AR, VR, IOT, connected devices, mobile apps, wearables, RCS; ChatBots, data, analytics and enterprise (startup) incubators. Creating a rich progressive learning ecosystem where students can learn, engage, work on live project briefs, and hackathons directly alongside industry and NGOs. Since launching the programme Savrajs students have been employed in leading organisations such as Orange, Deloitte Digital, KMPG, Santander, Inmarsat, Critical TechWorks, ARM, in addition to starting their own Tech Start-ups. The output(s) from the course are often described as pioneering and innovative ranging from FinTech solutions, to voice-controlled technologies, through to complex problem solving via AR, VR solutions. The programme is engineered to produce new digital professionals addressing the challenges faced in the 4th industrial revolution and governmental vision. 

In 2018 Savraj was also recognised for his contribution in shaping the vision and mission for the new College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries, with a core focus on ubiquitous adoption of emerging technologies, digital transformation and collaborative creative technologies seen in industry.  

A reflective practitioner, speaking with technology organisations being active in the start-up community and digital commercial sector. 

Savraj has also made significant contribution in developing several degree programmes, Digital Media Communication, Fashion Marketing and Promotion, Audio Production, in addition to several UG, PG degree programmes in the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

Savraj is a consumer/user-focused digital, data and technology leader with experience of enabling consumer/user engagement through smart product and service development. A strategic thinker with strong delivery credentials, and the ability to assemble vision into a reality, defining and delivering technological solutions.

A clear communicator and accomplished relationship builder often excels when working in partnership with a range of colleagues and external partners to define and deliver common goals having a strong reputation for informing and enabling practice through the application of technical expertise and broad frame of reference.

Above all, Savraj is an inspiring and pragmatic thought leader, with a developmental style and an aptitude for sharing and embedding best practice, embracing opportunities to innovate and harness technology as an enabler and or behavioural change.

His current practice informed (STEAM) research innovation involves consulting with  technology organisations in developing digital solutions for human behavioural change  via Information Communication Technologies, digital health and digital transformational projects with data driven analysis and research pedagogy. 

Savraj research relies on strategic digital delivery enabling a step change in impact through the smart capture and maximisation of data analysis with the development of a digital footprint, building on successful innovative digital solutions to offer a multi-channel experience to help improve health and wellbeing, via digital technologies.