Mr Matthew Morrison

Senior Lecturer

Research groupCreative Writing
Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture

Research outputs

The Soho Theatre, 1968-1981
Morrison, M. 2017. The Soho Theatre, 1968-1981. London The Society for Theatre Research.

'A Collection of Small Choices'
Morrison, M. 2015. 'A Collection of Small Choices'. Hoxton Hall, London May 2015 - Jan 2018

'The Claim'
Morrison, M. 2014. 'The Claim'. West Yorkshire Playhouse 28 - 30 Mar 2014

Key Concepts in Creative Writing
Morrison, M. 2010. Key Concepts in Creative Writing. London Palgrave.

This title is false: comparing gene networks to Greek philosophy
Isalan, M. and Morrison, M. 2009. This title is false: comparing gene networks to Greek philosophy. Nature. 458 (23), p. 967.

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