Mr Matthew Morrison

Senior Lecturer

Research groupCreative Writing
Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture

Research outputs

Key Concepts in Creative Writing
Morrison, M. 2010. Key Concepts in Creative Writing. London Palgrave.

'The Claim'
Morrison, M. 2014. 'The Claim'. West Yorkshire Playhouse 28 - 30 Mar 2014

'A Collection of Small Choices'
Morrison, M. 2015. 'A Collection of Small Choices'. Hoxton Hall, London May 2015 - Jan 2018

The Soho Theatre, 1968-1981
Morrison, M. 2017. The Soho Theatre, 1968-1981. London The Society for Theatre Research.

This title is false: comparing gene networks to Greek philosophy
Isalan, M. and Morrison, M. 2009. This title is false: comparing gene networks to Greek philosophy. Nature. 458 (23), p. 967. doi:10.1038/458969a

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