Dr Ioannis Christodoulou

Dr Ioannis Christodoulou

Dr Ioannis Christodoulou joined Westminster Business School as a Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy in 2011. Ioannis gained his first degree in Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) in Management Science and Marketing. He then continued his studies, gaining a two-year MBA degree by AUEB and Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration, spending the second year of his studies mostly in Budapest. Ioannis began his PhD in Strategic Management (2004) in AUEB.

In 2005, he was accepted as a Lecturer in a UK university, where he taught several courses within the fields of Strategic Management, Marketing and International Business. Following his time Ioannis then went on to the Head of Corporate Development, organising conferences, presentations, business simulations, entrepreneurship games and managerial contests. 

During this time he also worked also in the consulting industry in training executives in leadership, teamwork, crisis and complexity management. Ioannis's interest in the business environment led him to more entrepreneurial endeavours where he co-founded a corporate governance ratings company and became a partner in a consulting company for knowledge transfer and synthesis. His work within the public and private sectors led Ioannis to be a highly respected consultant in the field of management.


PhD Strategic Management, Athens University of Economics and Business 

MBA, Athens University of Economics and Business - Budapest University of Economics and Public Administration 

BSc Marketing and Management Science, Athens University of Economics and Business

Professional memberships

European Academy of Management, Reviewer 

British Academy of Management, Reviewer, Member 

EURODOC, Member 

Cognitive Edge, Accredited Practitioner and Member 

Presencing Institute, Member 

Hellenic Association of Doctoral Researchers, Public Relations Representative (2004-2007), Member 

MBA Alumni of Athens University of Economics and Business, Member 

Greek Marketing Academy, Member 

JADE HELLAS (Greek Federation of Junior Enterprises member of JADE EU), Programmes Developer (2005-2007), Member 

Hellenic Institute of Marketing, Member 

Hellenic Management Association, Member 

Economic Chamber of Greece, Member 

Consultancy and professional practice


Ioannis has worked as a Coordinator of Strategic Management and Business Policy Laboratory (Research Centre) for Athens University of Economics and Business 

As Head of Corporate Development in his earlier academic UK post he proposed, developed and managed the following activities:

  • "Career Days" events (linking students with companies, through organising days of interviews within the campus),
  • "Business Symposium" event, (a three-day event that the best academic projects both from students and professors of the college were presented in workshops that related companies participated through panel discussions),
  • "Modus Vivendi" Business Student Competition, (a real-life business game for students with Business Sponsors, linking academia with industry),
  • "On Site" and "Business Trip" events (visits of groups of students inside the companies along with tours and speeches by CEO's), and finally the
  • "Business Voice" events (seminars and tutorials by top executives that accepted the invitation to visit the campus and deliver a speech, seminar or tutorial of a topic from the contemporary business life to students and guests.

Ioannis also worked as a Programme Leader for Executive Consulting and Training programmes and was a member of Total Quality Team (TQT) for validations, reviews, exam boards, academic panels, in his previous University post. 

He has also served as Communication and Promotion Representative for Hellenic Association of Doctorates Researchers - Hel.As.D.R. with the following responsibilities:

  • Promotion and Marketing of the work of Hel.As.D.R. to Greek doctorate researchers both in Greek and Foreign Universities.
  • Organisation of mini conferences and events to promote the work of young researchers and develop the newsletter of the association.
  • Representation of the Greek Doctorate Researchers and Greece in European Conferences organised by the EU and EURODOC (The European Council of PhD Candidates and Junior Researchers): "Bologna Seminar on Doctoral Programs for the European Knowledge Society" in Salzburg/Austria 3-5 Feb 2005 by EU, "EURODOC's Annual Meeting" Bologna/Italy 9-12 Mar 2006, "Doctoral Programmes in Europe" Nice/France 7/9 Dec 2006 by EU


Executive member in the organising committees of:

  • '4th Annual Conference of European Doctoral Researchers - EURODOC (The European Council of PhD Candidates and Junior Researchers)', Athens University of Economics and Business, 18-21 March 2004.
  • 'Career Show', Athens University of Economics and Business, 2003-2006.
  • 'Expressions of Managerial Thought', Delphi & Patra, 2003 - 2006.
  • 'Money Show', Various Institutions and Greek Universities - representative of Athens University of Economics and Business, 2006-2008.
  • 'Career Days', University of Hertfordshire - Campus of IST College, 2006-2011.
  • 'Business Symposium', University of Hertfordshire - Campus of IST College, 2010-today.

Ioannis is currently developing heavily his research portfolio. His research areas deal with Middle Management, Blue Ocean Strategy, SMEs and Strategy as Practice.

He has served as track co-chair for the Strategy as Practice track for the British Academy of Management for 3 years and he is quite active in research networking.

At the same time, Ioannis is serving as a reviewer for various prestigious academic journals and conferences such as European Journal of Management and BAM conference. He is part of the 'Service Research and Customer Experience Research Group '' at Westminster Business School.

He is currently working on publications such as : 

 - Blue Ocean Strategy and development pathways, 

 - Middle Managers strategic roles in a digital environment, 

 - SMEs digital strategizing.

Finally, Ioannis, has 4 PhD completions so far and currently he  is happily supervising PhD students on areas that cover Strategy, Strategic Decision Making, Sustainable Business Models, Blue Ocean and Innovation. 

In brief

Research areas

Middle Management, Blue Ocean Strategy, SMEs and Managerial Discretion and Strategic Decision Making

Skills / expertise

Quantitative Analysis, SME consulting and Research Networking

Supervision interests

Blue Ocean Strategy, Middle Management, SMEs and Strategic Decision Making