Prof Angela Clow

Prof Angela Clow

Professor Angela Clow is trained in neuropharmacology, physiology and psychology and likes to work at the interface of these disciplines. For her PhD (Institute of Psychiatry, London) she investigated the function of brain dopamine receptors and during her post-doctoral studies (Royal Postgraduate Medical School) she developed an interest in the biochemistry of stress. In 1989 she joined the University of Westminster where she became a founder member of the interdisciplinary Psychophysiology and Stress Research Group ( PSRG).

Her recent research focuses upon the role and regulation of the cortisol awakening response (the CAR) with studies examining relationships with aging, cognitive function, attachment style, seasonality and health. She is particularly interested in the ways light and season can affect health and performance. She has published over 115 peer-reviewed papers, 5 books, and 30 book chapters or reviews.

Currently Angela is supervising 3 PhD students ( Robin Law, Natasha Madhewoo and Lucy Forbes). From across the University Angela collaborates with Professor Frank Hucklebridge , Carly Wood and Dr Alizon Draper. Angela's research has been funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Nuffield Foundation, the Bial Foundation, the Department of Work and Pensions and the Higher Education Innovation Fund.

Angela is a National Teaching Fellow and a frequent public speaker.

Research Interests

Psychophysiology; Psychoneuroimmunology; Physiological Psychology; Health Psychology; well-being

  • Centre for Resilience
  • Psychobiology and Health Psychology
  • Psychophysiology and Stress Research Group