Prof Andrew Cook

I obtained my DPhil Physiological Sciences (Sub-Faculty of Medical Sciences) in 1993 and BA (Hons) Natural Sciences in 1989, both from the University of Oxford. I was a freelance transport researcher from 1989, before becoming a Research Associate at the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford, joining the University of Westminster in 1993. Research at the University of Westminster has covered a number of transport modes, primarily in rail and aviation, with the focus moving early on to air traffic management (ATM). In addition to lecturing and research degree supervision, my primary role is managing the University's ATM research.

External activities / membership

  • Member, International Scientific Committee, EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space
  • Member, Editorial Board, Aerospace (journal of aeronautics and astronautics, MDPI)
  • Coordinator, SESAR Knowledge Transfer Network (Engage)
  • Full Member, Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (AGIFORS)
  • Member, EUROCONTROL Agency Research Team
  • Associated Member, Association for the Scientific Development of ATM in Europe (ASDA, Braunschweig)
  • Member, Programme Committee, SESAR Innovation Days (main European ATM annual research conference)
  • Member, Scientific Committee, Symposia on Aviation Research (SoAR)
  • Certified Member (CMRS), UK Market Research Society

Member, SESAR 2020 Scientific Committee (former role)

Director, Centre for Air Traffic Management Research. Andrew has led work on appx. 30 major European ATM research projects since 1999, mostly as project coordinator. This research has been primarily funded through SESAR, EUROCONTROL and the European Commission, and has been carried out in collaboration with airlines, airports, ANSPs, multiple software/service providers, and other European universities and research institutes. Commercial work has also been undertaken in cooperation with a wide cross-section of research associates and clients, in particular with universities, numerous airlines and ANSPs, plus key industry partners such as Lufthansa Systems, Raytheon, Selex, Thales, QinetiQ and EUROCONTROL. Andrew has acted as economic advisor and scientific evaluator for industry and national government, with funding also from research councils and government departments.

As leader of the University’s air traffic management research, the following are key fields of R&D:

  • operational performance assessment, trade-offs and policy alignment; 
  • delay management cost-benefit evaluation, optimisation and tools development;
  • passenger mobility, service delivery modelling and intermodal integration;
  • behavioural science/economics (societal and industry domains);
  • complexity science (understanding and improving network performance);
  • agent-based modelling and simulation;
  • ATC/ANSP service and performance benchmarking;
  • data cleaning, validation and mining.

Whilst this technical work is founded on analytical methods and modelling, we anchor our research in areas where we can deliver practical benefit to stakeholders such as airlines and passengers. We continually strive to maintain a mix of innovative work and building on existing strengths where we support operational requirements for the industry, research community and policy makers.

  • Centre for ATM Research
  • Transport and Mobilities