Dr Salma Chahed

Dr Salma Chahed

I am Senior Lecturer and member of the Health and Social Care Modelling Group (HSCMG) at the University of Westminster.

I have been involved in research and consultancy-based projects such as forecasting NHS continuing healthcare demand, profiling patients, modelling the capacity of a neonatal care unit, modelling home care services, planning production and distribution of anti-cancer drugs and modelling urgent care centres.

I teach mathematical programming, inventory management, forecasting and simulation at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

I am involved in the organisation and delivery of short courses dedicated to health and social care managers and analysts such as service redesign using simulation, risk and decision making, forecasting and predictive modelling.


Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering (Thesis topic: Home Care Operations Management) (France) 

MSc Industrial Engineering (France) 

DipEng Mechanical Engineering (Tunisia) 

Two-year degree in Mathematics and Physics (Tunisia).

  • Health and Social Care Modelling