Dr Kevin Dalton

Kevin's Dalton's research interests are in the areas of organisational culture, development, ideology, politics, discourse and organisational behaviour. Kevin's professional background is in health management. He has carried out a number of 'action research' projects for health authorities and independent research institutes on themes in management development organisational behaviour and public sector change - some of which have had an impact on policy and service improvement. He has served as Director of a Management Development Institute in the Seychelles and as Organisational Development Consultant with the Management Executive in Scotland. More recently he has specialised in East European Management and HRM. Kevin has a PhD in the social construction of identity and organisational culture and  has written a book on Leadership /Management Development. He is  also published in a number of academic journals of management.


PhD (Bath) MA (Econ) Social Policy (Manchester) BA History and Politics (Lancaster)

  • Centre for Employment Research